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five minute penalty to you for fangirling

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lifetoinfintybeyond asked: Hey sorry i cant log onto my other account Shit-We-Like7 I requested a Joffrey Lupul Fanfic so can You still make me one?

Oh crap! I can! I thought I had posted it, but I guess not. I am so sorry. <3

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shit-we-like7 asked: Hey could you write me a one shot for Joffrey lupul and do you know if he's single at this time these articles on the Internet are confusing?

I can write you a one shot for Joffrey Lupul, and I’m sorry, but I do not know if he’s single.

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To do list:


  • Finish final project for management (5/15)
  • Final paper thing for marketing (tonight)
  • prepare presentation for signature (5/9)
  • prepare presentation for women in sport (5/15)
  • prepare presentation for management (5/13)
  • prepare presentation for marketing (5/14)
  • Final paper for women in sport (5/21)
  • Final for management (5/21)
  • Final for marketing. (5/21)

Lindsey and I have been working on the marketing thing since 9. Send help

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After class plans:

  • Eat
  • Finish midterm
  • Do other thing for women in sport
  • taking sides
  • management quiz
  • ED for management
  • pack

I’ve been sooooo productive in the past 10 hours. 

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To the anon who requested the McQuaid fic,

It will be posted tomorrow when I can actually edit it. I had too much schoolwork to get done tonight to go through my editing process.

Plus I had to research him first so that I could write things without it be crazy and unrealistic with what he did during the lockout.

Thank you for your patience.

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Anonymous asked: What is your favorite NHL Team?

My favorite? I’m a Kings fan first and foremost followed by the Hawks and Preds.

What is yours, anon?

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Anonymous asked: How about a short, lighthearted, Christmas-themed, Adam McQuaid one-shot?

Lhjakasj thank you for specifics!

I will work on it today/tonight!